Estelle is a voice actor based in Anchorage, Alaska. They always had a place in their heart for animation and video games. They practiced and enjoyed creating illustrations, but kept their mind open to find other ways to express their passion for creating.They consumed many forms of Korean, American, and Japanese media for as long as they can remember. They jumped right on the opportunity to start voice acting when they discovered there was a passionate community dedicated to breathing life into a wonderful story.When they're not in the booth, they like to play video games! Some notable video games they love are: Corpse Party, Ib, Mad Father, Genshin Impact, and Valorant.Some noteable characters they've voiced is Titania from Mythic Heroes, Moose Salto from Friends vs Friends, and many more.

Image: Titania from Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG



Microphone AT2035
Interface Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd)
Recording Space Layered moving blanket booth with
bass traps and acoustic panels
PC Microsoft Surface Go
Editing Program iZotope RX 10
Internet 227.50 Mbps download, 38.13 Mbps upload
Connectivity Zoom, Skype, Discord, Source-Connect Now
Raw Home Studio Sample (Download)


DOGSSpotDuck Made of Wood, Hankworx
SpiritwalkerThae, Vaarizindawg
HallwaysTrailer VoiceLost Frame Development
Through the CatacombsGhostWas a Horse
The Penumbral PromiseAntagonistQuillity Studios
Midnight BloodbathMrs. GrumpDuck Made of Wood
Boitat√° the Legend!AssistantWheelsgr
JackalopeMothSmall Bunny Studio
Labyrinth is a Straight LineRuRey Nadia I
The Devil's WhisperMadison MatthewsOscar Zapata
StrangerZIVR/Additional voicesLost Frame Development
Miyuki 01Audrey LawLonely Bunny Entertainment
Legend of AlmiaYuan/LuthienLeniu Games
Mythic HeroesTitaniaI Got Games
Friends vs FriendsMoose SaltoBrainwash Gang/Raw Fury
Fable Hills: Little Witch WorksMarinaMedia Sectors
Orbital Strike VRPacifist/HiberniaDraconis Interstellar
Samuda IntervalKuwa Jae-KimTomuwa Entertainment
STRANGERIVR/Additional voicesLost Frame Development
SoulmateKiko Fujisake/JournalistDeathly Games
obsoleted.exePaint PalInsert Kert
Ability No. XTsuzuriLab316
Sunny Side Void FriendsOffaletteSaffronyx
I'm Anton!CiolaLab316
Lumi and CressMari ActiniImaginary Badger
Kanon's RomCom MangasSakaguchiLab316
The IRREGULARS!Nicodemus RoseCynthia S. Skye
Attack on MikaMika/UmiLab316
Uta's RomCom Manga DubsAzusaLab316
Manga WaidoSanaLab316
Mani Mani PeopleMafumiLab316
Happy ArtistsArlene RooseveltFaby Saturn
ZACL 760 A.M.CallerZane Sexton
TGF and Co.DaisyAlec Miller
The Infinite RealmThe OracleRealmWorks
VIDEO GAMESKira Buckland & Casey Mongillo (JRPG Video Games)
COMMERCIALDave Bisson (Authentic Commercial VO)

Last updated 01/20/2024

Image: Moose Salto from Friends vs Friends

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